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Hi! My name is Monica, I work 1 on 1 with clients in the Netherlands and online with people all over the globe. As a child, I made my first trip to Italy. I think that is when I first began observing the beauty of clothing and fashion. My grandma was a seamstress  and my great-uncle worked as a tailor making incredible suits. I grew up wearing and observing the making of beautiful handmade tailored garments. My mother has always been very creative when dressing, she always taught me that it is not the label in your clothes that makes the clothing special, but how you wear them. 

I was born in Costa Rica & raised in 4 different countries. I was challenged to grow and expand my boundaries. This gave me the ability to understand people more, to be in touch with my emotions, to become resilient and to learn about different cultures & ways of dressing. As a teenager I was surrounded by highly creative fashion designers who inspired me.  As time passed by I became more and more interested to one day be able to empower women and help them look fantastic! By the age of 15 I was doing makeovers to aunts, friends, brides & cousins. It made me so happy to see them glow & smile after we enhanced their looks. In the year of 2012 I pursued my Business Management University Degree in Brazil and then moved to the Netherlands where I specialized in a renowned Fashion Course and traveled to London to get certified as a Style Coach. I continue to learn new things each day and expand my own ideas about what it means to live a fully creative and meaningful life.

I am passionate about supporting people, being in contact with nature, entrepreneurship, eating fantastic food, dancing, laughing, meditating.  I love working on inspiring & immersive projects. Another passion is learning new languages, in fact we offer our Style Coaching sessions in Spanish, Portuguese or English.  

We all know the power of first impressions & how important it is to present an accurate image of yourself. It takes just seconds for people to form an opinion about you based on the clothes you wear and on your body language. For this reason it is very important to make sure that  you are reflecting the best version of you.

As we work together, I will help you  understand your personal style, instruct you on how to shop  and dress your body type, empowering you with self-awareness, confidence and style. During our sessions we will focus on your self-esteem, confidence and strategies for you to reach your goals. As you progress, you will eventually become the best version of yourself!

Thank you for reading about me, I am very excited with what is to come in our journey ahead.





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Costa Rica

True Style

In my opinion style is the confidence & strong presence a person brings with him/her when they enter a room. The label on your clothes does not make you stylish, your presence does. -Monica M.F-

Style Coaching

Is the perfect combination of Personal Styling & Life Coaching.. True style is not only what you wear it is also about how you feel on the inside.

New Look + Confidence= Balanced, Happy, Fulfilled Life

My goal is to help my clients be the best they can be everyday.

“Together we can work on reaching your goals and on making dressing up fun and exciting.”

Monica M.F

I met Monica on a 1 on 1 Style Introduction Session, it was a very good decision. I have learned new things, I am going to use that in my every day life. I will have more sessions with Monica. Investing in myself is what I need right now. It is definitely important to have knowledge about our apperance & to know what style is the best for us. It helps self-esteem & feeling good in general.
Liwia K
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