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Here is a bit of my background to explain why I am a Style Coach &  the reason behind me wanting to guide you in looking & feeling wonderful. I was born in Costa Rica & raised in 4 different countries. Being the new girl many times in places with different cultures & ways of dressing, I had to observe it all & adapt. I looked at it as a great opportunity to try on new things & get inspired by other people’s clothes. One thing that was considered very classy in a country was the opposite in another.

After all those years I realized that it is not about fitting in, but about feeling good about yourself. The moment you know what your true style is, you will be able to show your essence, look & feel great no matter where you live. Sometimes the  process of coming to a new country can make you doubt what clothes you should wear. The climate might be different, or perhaps the new place inspires you to make a change.

We all know the power of first impressions & how important it is to present an accurate image of yourself. This all can be quite a journey. I can be the person to guide you through this exciting moment in your life so you can become the best version of yourself.

Going back to the year 1989 when I was just a few years old I made my first trip to Italy. I think that is when I began observing the beauty of clothing & fashion. My grandma sewed and my great-uncle was a tailor. I grew up wearing & observing the making of beautiful handmade tailored garments. My mother was always very creative when dressing, she always taught me that it is not the label in your clothes that makes the clothing special, but how you wear the items. As a teenager I modeled,  which allowed me to be surrounded by great creative fashion designers. I became interested to, one day, be able to empower women by helping them to look fantastic. By the age of 15 I was doing makeovers to aunts and cousins. It made me so happy to see all these women glowing & smiling after looking at how good they could look. 

Today, I combine my experience & skills to bring out the best in you. Together we can work on reaching your goals & on making dressing up fun and exciting.






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True Style

In my opinion style is the confidence & strong presence a person brings with him/her when they enter a room. The label on your clothes does not make you stylish, your presence does. -Monica M.F-

Style Coaching

Is the perfect combination of Personal Styling & Life Coaching.. True style is not only what you wear it is also about how you feel on the inside.

New Look + Confidence= Balanced, Happy, Fulfilled Life

My goal is to help my clients be the best they can be everyday.

“Together we can work on reaching your goals and on making dressing up fun and exciting.”

Monica M.F

I met Monica on a 1 on 1 Style Introduction Session, it was a very good decision. I have learned new things, I am going to use that in my every day life. I will have more sessions with Monica. Investing in myself is what I need right now. It is definitely important to have knowledge about our apperance & to know what style is the best for us. It helps self-esteem & feeling good in general.
Liwia K
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