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 Imagine starting your day with mental peace, opening your beautiful closet, filled with clothes & your favorite items that flatter your body shape & express your authentic best self.


Did you know that an organized closet can actually make you feel better?

Investing time, energy & intent into how you set up, streamline & style your closet is important. Your closet exemplifies the relationship you have with yourself & your own self-care.

After our closet audit session, you will begin to see that you start dressing better, you’ll start taking better care of your clothes & accesories this will result in saving, time, space & money.

You will redefine your style & you will know how to dress in the way you want to show up in the world


A beautiful, curated, lovely, clutter-free closet, but more importantly, a closet with pieces that flatter your figure & fit with your lifestyle perfectly. You will gain a whole new set of skills. After out session you will be able to know what to look for when shopping, how to approach editing, organizing, how to style your clothes & how to avoid making old shopping mistakes.


  • Initially we have a phone or video call
  • You will receive a style questionnaire to complete & instructions for our closet transformation meet up
  • I come over to your home
  • To prepare the space & our minds we begin our session with a Meditation guided by me
  • We continue with your Body Shape & Analysis, this part is crucial, so you we can determine which clothes look fabulous on your body.
  • We discuss your Lifestyle, Style personality & Goals
  • Closet Transformation where the magic happens 
  • I will give you tips on how to style, mix and match the clothes you currently own
  • We will talk about your shopping habits
  • We discuss what clothes are missing and create a list for your next shopping trip
  • I take pictures of your styled outfits for your look book
''I feel lighter and so much more positive, after letting go of outfits that really did not help my figure and self- esteem.It is indeed refreshing, it was very nourishing and informative to understand my type of figure, my own style and how I can project myself through the clothes I wear. I am now so much more clear on how to start projecting this new improved image of me. Thank you so much Monica ''



Let’s get your closet organized! You won’t just end up with a beautiful closet, you will learn how to best dress for the rest of your life.


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